The speed connection testing toolbar.
The InternetSpeedTracker toolbar offers convenient web search, homepage, and default search. More info.
4 Simple Steps:
Step 1:   Click 'Free Download'
Step 2:   Click 'Run'
Step 3:   Click 'Install'
Step 4:   Click 'Enable'

Check Internet speed and perform speed download tests. Access these features and easy web search at the top of your browser.
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Connection. Upload.
Download. + more
Windows® 7, 8, Vista™,
XP™, Win10 Operating
Check Internet speed and perform quick and easy speed download tests with the
InternetSpeedTracker™ toolbar. It’s FREE and EASY and takes just seconds to use.

InternetSpeedTracker offers you:
  • Connection Speed Test (in Mbps) - for FREE!
  • Upload Speed Test - for FREE!
  • Download Speed Test - for FREE!